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On the evening of Tuesday, June 28th, Richmond, VA will play host to what, as far as we can tell, is the FIRST ROSÉ CRAWL IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!

And while I’m sure some of you are instantly psyched at the prospect, I also accept that, to the average American, the phrase “Rosé Crawl” probably evokes an image that looks something like Glee meets The Golden Girls – a procession of polyester-clad geriatrics and overly enthusiastic tweens riding a magenta-hued wave of saccharine syrup.

With that in mind, I’d like to address the stigma that has haunted rosés for far too long now. Let’s start by debunking some popular misconceptions.

Rosé is not “grandma wine,” nor is it sickly sweet, nor will it cause a man to menstruate.

In contrast to the White Zinfandels and Blushes that haunt our collective memory, classic dry rosés are light and crisp, sometimes minerally and complex and, above all, INSANELY REFRESHING. They are, IMHO, THE wine to drink in the summer, coming about as close to “thirst quenching” as an alcoholic beverage can get.

Further complicating rosé’s struggle for mainstream acceptance is an irrational fear of the color pink — the hysterical notion that all shades relegated to the purgatory that exists between red and white are somehow imbued with the power to undermine one’s manhood. Oh, how many times have I witnessed some poor dude’s desperate attempt at playing alpha by insisting “I DON’T DRINK PINK WINE!” reacting to my recommendation as if I had just asked him to slow dance. Look, I’m no Chuck Norris myself, but if your sense of sexual identity is so flimsy that the color of a beverage can put you on the defensive, that can’t be good a sign.

Leave me be....I have a wife and children...NOOOOOO!!!

So, while on the surface, this first ever Rosé Crawl is just a group of people drinking delicious stuff on a Tuesday, there’s really much more to it. This is a statement of pride. This is a call to arms for all those who trust their senses over the rantings of the ignorant masses. Yes, on Tuesday, June 28th, we will stand tall in the face of judgment and show the world what truly free men and women look like!

…Incidentally, it looks like a group of people drinking delicious stuff on a Tuesday.


5:30pm Amici Ristorante – 3343 West Cary Street
NV Mottura, Negroamaro Salento

6:15pm Amour Wine Bistro – 3129 West Cary Street
2009 Château De Valcombe, Costières de Nîmes

7:00pm Can Can Brasserie – 3120 West Cary Street
2010 Domaine de Mirail, Cotes de Gascogne

7:45pm Secco Wine Bar – 2933 West Cary Street
Two special flights (in addition to our current selection of over a dozen rosés)

Both Amour and Secco will be offering special food pairings as well. There is no sign up and no cover charge. You simply show up and pay for what you drink. Times (except for the 5:30PM start) are approximations. For any further questions, email us at

Hope to see you all there!


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Introducing: The Lamburguesa!

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Admittedly, when the average person is contemplating where to go for a great burger, a wine bar known for inventive, seasonal cuisine is probably not the first place to come to mind. Then again, most of our customers have little in common with the “average person” and this is not your run-of-the-mill Royale with Cheese.

Esteemed people of the internets, I give you The Lamburguesa!

Ground lamb is seasoned with Balti spice (an ancient Pakistani blend of nearly 20 seasonings), grilled and then topped with feta, sliced red onion and harissa yogurt. On the side: crispy hand-cut fries tossed with sea salt, black pepper, smoked Spanish paprika and fenugreek (a common ingredient in many curries).

Yet before your higher functions have a chance to parse out the delicate play of global spices, the synapses in your primitive brain burst like a cherry bomb, set off by the primordial marriage of muscle, fat and fire. Sure, this is a decidedly forward-thinking, multi-lingual, burger-of-the-world, but underlying its sophisticated exterior is enough juicy, eat-with-two-hands lusciousness to render Guy Fieri mute (could you imagine how wonderful?).

"Dude, I...d-dude...du...d..." (Angels Singing)

And what better antidote is there to the season when social obligation compels us to ingest so many patties of over-cooked, under-seasoned beef at cook outs and company picnics? I bite into my Lamburguesa, emit a muffled grunt of ecstasy and envision a better world, where all cultures coexist in perfect harmony and every member of the human race knows how to grill to a perfect medium.


The Lamburguesa is the latest addition to Secco’s stellar lunch menu, available from noon to 4PM, seven days a week.

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